[aprssig] New-N Paradigm Progress

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Sat Feb 11 15:03:50 EST 2006

>> The highest packet count is...

Now today in preparation for a 12" snowfall, I fired up the
APRS station and am snowed in with over 150 packets per
hour from an APT weather station on a mountain top in 
the -next- state.    This is due to several things:

1) The station's path of WIDE3-3 is too big for this area.  
   This area is the highest density of APRS in he world.
2) The setting of 3-3, QRMs over 50 digis in 6  states, 
    and causes multiple dupes in every area that is closer.

3) It transmits every 2 minutes when the standard is 
    typically once every 10 minutes for APRS weather. 

4) The station is using the inefficient positionless WX and
    weatherless position format.  This causes it to be
    sending two packets complete with all their overhead
    when only one packet (the "complete" format) should be used.

I'd suggest:

1) a path of WIDE2-2 and a rate of once every 10 minutes.
2) If you really want 5 minutes, then cut the path to WIDE2-1
3) select the "complete WX" format. so that only 1 packet
    contains everything a receiving station needs to use the data.

I will be giving an APRS talk at the Richmond VA Frostfest on
Sunday, the 19th of FEB, I hope everyone that is transmitting 
on APRS in this area and will be there can attend the seminar.

Bob, Wb4APR

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