[aprssig] New-N Paradigm Progress

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Sat Feb 11 07:58:59 EST 2006

>> The highest packet count is an APT tracker transmitting
>> both a position and a separate status every minute.
>> Why doest he put the status in the position text?
>Because findu doesn't parse status when it is part of the 
>posit.  This  has been an issue on the TinyTrack list forever. 
> It was a feature request (separate packets for posit and 
>status/comment) that was incorporated in the TT Ver 3.0 
>firmware.  The config program has a check box for "Separate 
>Status Report".  

Thanks for the info!
I guess I have been asleep on this one.  If this is the case, then 
we must get it fixed.  ALL APRS position formats include position 
comments so that we dont have inefficiencies of having to send
two packets when only one is needed.  How can FINDU not
be getting them on the TinyTrack when I thought they work on all
other packets?  Maybe I just havent noticed...



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