[aprssig] Ultimate Instant Tracker ??

scott at opentrac.org scott at opentrac.org
Fri Feb 10 16:21:06 EST 2006

> The device is completely programmable and configurable using 
> Windows-based software. While secure functions require a direct cable 
> to a PC, most routine functions can be programmed over the air, the 
> company said. "

Dang, and I was hoping to demonstrate a prototype of the same thing in time
for Dayton.  I'd picked out a quadrifilar helix antenna for the GPS that
comes with a radome for external mounting.  The big problem is power - any
idea what they're using to provide juice to this thing?  I've been planning
around a 2xAA battery compartment.  The big problem is design and tooling
for the housing.  You could use an internal rechargeable pack, but that's
not practical for SAR, or any environment where you're in the field for a
long time and need to change batteries quickly, and not carry lots of
different types of batteries.

It's still something I'd like to do - it'd certainly be useful for APRS.
I'll have to check it out and see how they dealt with the power issue.


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