[aprssig] FW: Animal tracking using GPS+UHF

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Thu Feb 9 17:27:19 EST 2006

Regarding Tracking Animals:

I just read about "harmonic" radar for tracking
insects.  All you need is a dipole with a diode
in the middle of it.  It will convert an incoming
RF "illuminating" wave to a Harmonic for
detecion by a receiver tuned to the harmonic.

I'm wondering what cute thing we can do with
it with HAM radio.  Imagine, sewing a 37"
very thin wire dipole into the jacket liner of
all the Club Shirts of your radio club.

Now then at the door of any facility  you have
a receiver tuned to the 440 3rd harmonic of
a local repeater or some other 2 meter illuminating
source.  Whenever the squelch opens, you have
just detected the nearby presence of someone
with their club jacket on.

A poor-mans RF-ID, but it of course has no
"ID" capability.  Just presence. or not...
Now you COULD use this for tracking your
dog, if you have a powerfull enough 2m TX
(without harmonics)...  I wonder how many
hundred feet the range would be?



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