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Andrew Rich vk4tec at tech-software.net
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Subject: Animal tracking using GPS+UHF

Hi Andrew,
I am by profession a software developer and as a sideline I operate a 1200
acre nature refuge SW of Toowoomba.
I am about to start a PhD project at UQ to monitor post-release survival of
rehabilitated Eastern Greay Kangaroos.
There are a number of tracking collars available that use GPS technology
combined with SMS messaging  which provide great functionality but due to
the limited cell phone coverage in the release sites are unsuitable for this
I would like to put together an equivalent system that combines GPS with a
set of UHF base stations which act as repeaters and retransmit the data to a
single receiver with an attached PC.
On the PC will be software that analyses the positioning data in real time
and plots the animals positions.
As you can imagine, starting off the search for all the components from a
cold start leads me up many blind alleys.
You appear to have a lot of expertise in this area and I was wondering if
you could offer me some advice as to what is currently available, where I
could source the hardware to construct the tracking devices, how to
interface the UHF repeaters to the central receiver, and how to interface
the receiver to the PC.
Peter Richards

Long Grass Nature Refuge

            605 Spinach Creek Rd
            QLD, 4343

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