[aprssig] SAR Aircraft 144.99 => 144.39 digis...

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Wed Feb 8 18:02:24 EST 2006

>> But using 144.39 +600 (144.99) as the alternate
>> SAR input is simple on any APRS radio... 
>Not entirely true Bob, people like me that use
>Motorola  and other computer programmable commercial
>radios do not have that unless we put it in ahead of
>time.  Just keep in mind that not everyone is binded
>to the Kenwood way of doing things.

I dont see the connection to "kenwood" here.
Most trackers use HT's or mobile HAM rigs  and 
ALL HT's (ok, except Motorolas and other non-
ham rigs) have +600 built in...

Probably be a good idea if you use a commercial 
rig for APRS, to include the 144.99 transmit
channel since it is the receommended APRS alternate
input frequency...  Just an idea.  Bob

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