[aprssig] APRS Usage in SAR Activities

Herb Gerhardt hgerhardt at wavecable.com
Wed Feb 8 12:39:34 EST 2006

The 2006 Washington State SAR Conference will be held on May 19 -21 at the
King County Fairgrounds in Enumclaw, WA.  (http://www.wasar2006.org/).

Curt Mills WE7U and myself KB7UVC are planning on doing an APRS Presentation
(Radio Tracking Your SAR Teams) at this year's conference that will be
slated toward the use of APRS into actual SAR searches.  Curt and I know
what has been happening in that regard in Snohomish County and Mason County
WA.  We have heard rumors about some other counties using or wanting to use
APRS during their SAR activities.

This message is a request for information on what your county is doing with
APRS and its use during SAR Activities.  The info we are looking for is
mainly for Washington State, but I do want to know of other places in the US
and elsewhere in the world where APRS is being used in local SAR activities.
We want to be able to list all the areas in the US and the rest of the world
where APRS is already being utilized during SAR activities.

So, if you are using APRS during SAR activities in your area, please forward
me an email (hgerhardt at wavecable.com) and give me the particulars of how
often and to what extent you are using APRS in your area for SAR activities.


Herb, KB7UVC
NW APRS Group, West Sound Coordinator
Mason County ARES/RACES ex-President & APRS Coordinator

Mason County ComVan:  http://map.findu.com/KB7UVC-1
Mason County Relay Truck:  http://map.findu.com/KB7UVC-2
Mason County EOC:  http://map.findu.com/KB7UVC-3
Mason County Foot Tracker:  http://map.findu.com/KB7UVC-6

Where I am walking:  http://map.findu.com/KB7UVC-7
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