[aprssig] Wanted: tone-based reset module schematics

Tyson S. timbercutter at yahoo.com
Tue Feb 7 00:32:50 EST 2006

     I think you can control an X10 device via the Mister-house
software with APRS. This means that if you need a reset command sent
you could base it on a box of area coordinates, similar to the filter
command. Set up the coordinates to be the local coffee shop, when you
pull into the parking lot of the coffee shop and transmit a position
beacon the software will issue the reset command and then you drink
coffee without ever needing to walk up that snow covered mountain!

--- Stan - N0YXV <n0yxv at gihams.org> wrote:

> What about X10 remote devices...?
> http://www.x10.com/automation/plugin_controllers.html
> If you happen to have one of those plug in modules and a remote key
> chain
> push button controller you could reset it if you were close enough to
> the
> tower. Another thought would be to just use an AC Lamp Timer. I used
> one of
> those on a couple of remote dial up modems we had scattered across
> the
> state. The computer that polled those modems couldn't dial at
> midnight
> because of log change overs so I just set up the AC Lamp Timer to
> switch the
> modems off every night at midnight. At least that way the max
> downtime could
> only be about 23 hours before the timer kicked in and reset the
> modem. Only
> down side to the AC Lamp Timer was the least amount of time I could
> turn the
> modem off was 30 minutes. With the X10 type timers you could get that
> down
> to a minute or so. If you turn it off at say 3AM, or what ever is the
> least
> busiest time for you, you'll only miss 60 seconds a day of activity.
> At
> least that way if it goes down one day it should be back up the next.
> One of
> the X10 timers I have even allows you to set two on and two off times
> a day
> so you could reset every thing twice a day. If you're planning on
> resetting
> the radio and TNC (especially when you're only using one power
> supply) you
> might want to get the X10 Appliance timers as they carry higher
> current
> ratings and don't allow for "Dimming" like the Lamp Timers do. I've
> even
> seen one X10 device that was nothing more than a Relay with contact
> closures
> that plugged into the wall.

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