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   Can anyone tell me if a MFJ 1274 tnc will work for APRS and are there 
any specifics that I need to know.

Work for APRS in what capacity?

o    As a digipeater?

As-is, it can't do modern WIDEn-N digipeating although it could do duty 
as a simple home fill-
in WIDE1-1 digi.

It could be made to do WIDEn-N dupe-suppressing digipeating by 
replacing the firmware
in it's EPROM with UI-DIGI code (a freeware replacement code that 
converts TNC2
clones such as  MFJ-127x series units into dedicated APRS digipeaters). 

o    As a home station TNC?

It will work with any standard APRS software where the program, not the 
TNC, provides
the APRS-specific smarts.

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