[aprssig] slightly OT:recessed male twist and lock

Bruce Gordon bgordon at ltronics.com
Sun Feb 5 11:27:42 EST 2006

We got one for our van from Graybar, our local electrical supply house.  Not
cheap but the right way to go

Bruce Gordon N6OLT

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> Our state guard unit has a trailer (yes we use it for aprs), and the
> power cord is a standard 20 or 30amp RV 3 pin plug pigtail hanging out
> the trailer.  We end up adapting this to a twist and lock plug for our
> generator.  Does anyone know of a MALE recessed mount twist and lock or
> 30amp RV plug we can use?  Ideally I'd like to mount it in a single gang
> box on the tounge of the trailer to reduce cord clutter.  I do not want
> to be forced to use a male to male plug for running power from the genset.
> Some of us may remember the 15a male recessed mount connectors that old
> VW campers used to use... we're looking for a higher current version of
> the same sort of thing.
> Wes
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