[aprssig] slightly OT:recessed male twist and lock

Rick Green rtg at aapsc.com
Sun Feb 5 10:06:28 EST 2006

On Sun, 5 Feb 2006, Wes Johnston wrote:

> You've hit the nail on the head....
> thanks dude.
> and Dale, you have mentioned something that has bothered me since I
> owned a 5th wheel years ago... unequal phase loading of a 220v genset
> for RV use.  Our comms trailer has an AC unit in the roof, it would be
> nice to beable to run radio and lighting on one side, and AC on the
> other side of 220v, but the breaker box isn't setup that way.
> Wes
Check out www.outbackpower.com .  They're suppliers of off-grid solar/wind 
power systems, and they sell a transformer specifically designed for 
balancing load in multi-phase imstallations.

As for the recessed connectors - Apparently a few years back, the 'powers 
that be' mandated that availability of recessed male connectors be 
restricted, and that they only be sold to consumers when integrated into a 
proper transfer switch.  Apparently too many people were simply wiring 
them across the main bus...

The standard 30A/120V RV connector has three terminals (two blades and a 
pin).  The standard 50A/240V RV connector has three blades and a pin. I've 
never seen recessed male versions of either of these.  The twist-lock 
you're seeking may be the marine standard 'Shore Power' connector, which 
may not be identical to the twist-lock found on common auxiliary 

Rick Green

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