[aprssig] Galveston, TX coverage

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Sat Feb 4 07:55:27 EST 2006

 >>For what it's worth, there was no coverage south of NASA
 >>JSC south of Houston, TX towards (and in) Galveston.
 >>And the W5RRR-7 digi at the JSC club is still a RELAY/WIDE
 >>-only- digi.

>But there is packet activity on 145.05 on the island. 
>A digi, and a station. Then, at LaMarque and Dickson 
>EOC's. These are used to relay shelter lists / H&W traffic.

Earl, thanks.
Glad to hear there is still some packet connectivity.
I was only using a D7 in a rental car, but didnt hear 
a peep.

All I got on my screen while I was near JSC south 
of Houston were 2 trackers and 3 diigs.  Besides the 
JSC digi,  W5RRR-7, the only other two digis I saw 
were in  Louisana.  Houston didnt exist.

But I am sure that is because the W5RRR-7 digi being
a RELAY/WIDE only digi, just was not forwarding
along anything.  In fact, that then also suggests that
maybe those Louisana digis were still transmitting
via WIDE as well.   But I am sure people in those
areas still have plenty of other recovery to take
care of instead of  dinking with digis...

If someone wanted to, it wouldnt hurt putting an
APRS object in someone's TNC showing occasionally
where the .05 nodes are.  No big deal, but is nice
to see where connectivity is when visiting.


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