[aprssig] USB interface to d700a

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Subject: [aprssig] USB interface to d700a

   In looking at the new Garmin GPS units I see the majority of them say 
interface.  I assume this means they have a USB interface and not serial
only?  How can this be connected to the d700a directly without a 

They can't.

USB HAS to have a master (a.k.a. host - normally a computer) to assign 
the slave devices (a.k.a. "cliient") their identities.   The common 
USB-to-serial adapter "dongles" used with new serial-port-less laptops 
are client devices that MUST be initialized by a complex multi-layer 
software driver stack in a PC before they can function.  They CAN NOT 
stand alone to convert a USB client device (like the USB  Garmins) 
backwards to serial.

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