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Mike Galgano mgalgano at nanosecond.com
Wed Feb 1 15:14:08 EST 2006

Bill Vodall WA7NWP wrote:

>>> Star Wars Speed Trap
>>> GPS being used to catch speeders
> what's even more incredible - some folks pay their own money to put 
> GPS's in their vehicles and live broadcast their speed.  Hmmm.  Maybe 
> Steve could setup a new .cgi page and then work out a bounty system 
> with the local authorities to finance Findu server upgrades.
> Bill

I find the whole thing fascinating, and could add a few more ways 'big 
brother' can/does/may/will be watching. The rather plain fact is that 
there are those that break the law willfilly and in a dangerous fashion, 
those that skirt the edge, and the rest of us who do it on occasion out 
of ignorance or neglect.

Back to APRS and the like for just a moment - has anyone else ever set 
their Nokia phone into 'Field Engineering' mode? I haven't tried the 
hack on my new Nokia, but the info was fascinating. If you could get a 
map of the cellphone towers and their IDs, you might be able to map 
their 'aloha circles' and plot where folks are on a 'strategic' 
whereabouts basis. This means having access to the appropriate data 
streams, not likely available to the general public. But - you may be 
able to extract the stream locally from your own phone, net of the 'GPS' 
features they advertise.

Has anyone ever had any success with the 'GPS' features in their phones 
feeding external devices (TNCs, computers,etc), or even getting to an 
encoded data stream? I've seen banter about it, but no results yea or nay.

Consider all the opportunities we have given others to locate us - 
everything from our use of ATMs to cellphones to toll transponders. If 
anybody really wants me, they can find me via APRS, or just call the 
house... So far, I can't figure why they'd want to bother.

Last, but certainly not least - is there anybody out there on the SIG 
who is looking at hacking their Sony PSP for APRS use? They are really 
amazing little buggers, don't you think?

Mike G

There's a fine line between genius and insanity. I have erased this line. 

Oscar Levant

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