[aprssig] indoor tracking. RFID

Wes Johnston aprs at kd4rdb.com
Tue May 31 18:21:19 EDT 2005

yesterday you mentioned an IR badge sending only a callsign.  I got to
thinking about that, and heck, an IR badge could send a positionless
aprs packet which would be heard (and digipeated) by an IR translator
digipeater.  This leads into my question....

My question applies to IR, RFID and Jim Lux's suggestion that a bad
position should be recognized by a digipeater and swapped.... if my
tracker has already transmitted a valid position and looses fix, how do
all the APRS client programs behave?  Does aprs dos begin to plot me in
proximity to the first digipeater?  Or do I appear to stay at my last
good fix location?  I remember you saying that APRS DOS would plot
unknown stations in proximity to a digipeater, but what about when the
station's location is known and then later becomes unknown?

I like the RFID badge.... truthfully, I had been ignoring RFID b/c I
forgot about the active badges!  How much are readers these days?

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