[aprssig] Generic WIDE still works - surprised

Billy Mason (Mail Lists) kd5knr_lists at kd5knr.net
Fri May 27 09:14:25 EDT 2005

At 23:53 05/26/2005, Richard Montgomery wrote:
>pasting below a list of digi's that all responded to the generic WIDE in 
>case someone here notices one local or knows the sysop to pass along a 
>note about the new settings.

In a bulletin from the sysop, WB5QLD, posted on 05/25/2005...
WB5QLD BLNA 05/25 12:21:55z K5FTW-5 will change to new paradigm (CUTOFF) 6/1/05

I believe that most of the other WIDE N-N enabled digis in the area are in 
the process of converting/complying as well.


Billy Mason, KD5KNR
Bedford, Texas (EM12kt)

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