[aprssig] APRS LAT/LONG standards

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Thu May 26 21:06:34 EDT 2005

>>> steve at dimse.com 5/26/2005 7:22:51 PM >>>
>I was very familiar with old style navigation before 
>APRS existed....  Yes, I used DD MM.HHH then, but 
>I consider it just as archaic as a  sextant or Transit.
> The world has changed   Bob, you may not want to, 
>but please stop throwing personal attacks  at 
>people that can accept change.

Sorry, there is nothing personal about this.  I am
frustrated everytime I see people in the field
slowed down or confused, or with wrong answers
because of the lack of use of the standard
DD MM.mmmm standard.  I anticipated it back
when APRS was invented and that is why 
APRS intended to continnue with the same GPS
and navigation standard used by every other
professional navigation tool.  And it is why it is
written in the APRS spec that way.

>I'm done with this discussion Bob...
>Your attack seems to be based on the fact 
>that programmers annoy you...

Yes, programmers who just do what they
want for their own convenience without
regard for the users and the without regard for
the standards that exist and without the regard
for the number one rule in communicatinons and 
that is elimination of ambiguity and multiple
bable when the objective is rapid efficient
communications between end users.  Thats
why we try to have standards.

Do you also not support the ARRL's use of a
standard Phonetic alphabet?  There are reasons
that people involved in comunicatinos like to have
standards, it is to eliminate just exactly the
problem we have in HAM radio where not everyone
is using the DD MM.mmm... standard...

>Frankly, I am a programmer and proud of  it, 

As well you should be.

>and happy to do my part to encourage people 
>to use more efficient  systems of measurement. 

More efficeint for programmers.  But only adding
confusion in the field when all the charts
and existing navigations systems and the GPS
displays are in DD MM.mmm, then you are simply
adding to the problem not fixing anything...

>it gets old, lay off the personal attacks please.

Again, sorry if you are offended.  There was 
nothing personal about this.  It is fact that the
GPS and APRS and Aviation, and FAA and
NAVY and ARMY and AIRFORCE and all other
professional systems use DD MM.mmm. Until
they change to your way, I will continue to
support the standard of DD MM.mmm dispite
programmers desires to do it their way.

Again, nothing personal.  We are just representing
the two sides of the issue.

de WB4APR, Bob

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