[aprssig] Digi_ned - Automatic Updating Keps

Henk de Groot henk.de.groot at hetnet.nl
Thu May 26 15:17:18 EDT 2005

Hello Bill,

Bill Vodall WA7NWP schreef:
> In particular, I'm looking for tricks on how to issue the "utle"  (update
> TLE) command external to digi_ned to force reading the new info
> once it's acquired.   A clean script to fetch new TLE's would save a
> few minutes too...

For applications like this the rule "automessage:" was invented. What you 
could do is:

automessage: 60 1

This will run the utle command every 60 minutes. For digi_ned it appears 
to come from port 1 but that doesn't matter as the direct reply to the 
utle command is not send back on RF but only shows up on screen.

Alternatively use:

automessage: @0 1

to run the utle exactly every hour or

automessage: 1440 1

to just run it once a day.

Now you can use wget to just get two line elements in a digi_ned.tle file 
and utle will update the sattelite database when it runs.

It is a bit primitive, but it gets the job done...

Kind regards,


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