[aprssig] Worldwide APRS Digipeater statistics

Phillip B. Pacier ad6nh at arrl.net
Wed May 25 19:12:53 EDT 2005

What is the difference between and L and and S digi and when is it 
appropriate to use which overlay?  I don't understand the description 
here...  thanks.

Robert Bruninga wrote:

>Here are the statistics as of 1800 on 6 May 2005
>of all the APRS digipeaters in the world from FINDU:
>New-N-Paradigm Digis:
>  L type digis    (98)   New-N's (some may be S's)
>  S type digis  (113)   New-N's that support SSn-N 
>  P type digis    (10)   New-N   Paccomms
>  1 type digis    (13)   New-N   one-hop digis
Phil - AD6NH

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