[aprssig] Building trackers

Cap Pennell cap at cruzio.com
Tue May 24 14:56:00 EDT 2005

Running the 1/4 Watt PocketTrackers on their own frequency may help, but so
far we've had too poor luck with a half dozen of them on 144.39 at a couple
of recent events, the Big Sur International Marathon, and a local bike
event.  _Too_ low powered, even with rooftop 5/8wave mag-mount antennas.  At
the same time, the 5W HT trackers did just fine.
Good luck!  I don't mean to denigrate the PocketTrackers.  I just wish we'd
found decent success with them.  We'll keep trying with the 6 we have.

Based on our experience a current favorite drop-in stand-alone tracker unit
is a 5W HT/OpenTracker/7Ah Gell-cell battery into a 1/4 wave mag-mount 2M
ant.  Also, GPS receivers with no display are less likely to be borrowed for
unrelated uses.

73, Cap KE6AFE

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> I think the $89 Pocket Tracker with its built-in 2m
> transmitter is the most efficient way to go
> Just add GPS and go.
> And it comes with both the 144.39 and the alt-input
> 144.99 frequency.  TO use these at any event,
> just run a D700 has a .99 to .39 digi and these
> little trackers don't have to compete with anything
> else, since they have their own frequency.  Bob

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