[aprssig] DAYTON or other Event planning

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Tue May 24 08:04:32 EDT 2005

>> Here is how things like Dayton should be done:
>> 1)  Support users as-is.
>> 2) Set up a local IGate within RF range of the event
>> 3) Set up an alt-input digi from 144.99 to 144.39
> I disagree.  Don't crowd .39 with more traffic.  
>Set up a .99 input port on the igate instead. 

Good idea if the  intent of operating at Dayton is to 
be seen on FINDU or internet.  But I think the reason
for APRS at Dayton is for finding other people on RF
while driving around and meeting other people in the
evenings.   So I would still digi them to .39

>> 4) Set up ALL digis that can hear the event direct
>>    to digi ONLY once.  That is:
>>  - Set UIFLOOD and UITRACE OFF (no WIDEn-N)
>>  - Set UIDIGI or ALIAS list to WIDE1-1,WIDE2-2,WIDE3-3
> When channel loading gets near saturation, the digis 
>should be turned OFF, and allow the igates to send 
>the traffic OUT of the area, but not add congestion 
>by bringing any traffic into the area.

True.  But rather than disabling the digi, simply shift
its output to another frequency.  That way everyone
can still operate on 144.39 locally and see each other
locally on 144.39, but if they want to see the big picture 
from further away, they can tune in the other freq.

One freq for north of town, and one for south of town,
etc.  But still all 160+ mobiles driving around can all
see each other direct.  But can tune in the digi output
if they are south of town and want to see someone
who stays north of town for example.

> I still think that digis should be smarter.
> Each packet would travel as far as the network 
> would allow, and be truncated when it got to an 
> already congested area.

Thanks, Ill add these ideas to my web page.

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