[aprssig] Delorme Earthmate USB

Keith Kotch kkotch at earthlink.net
Mon May 23 23:46:19 EDT 2005

I'm copying the following message from my son, Nick, KF4BYA.




Hey, you may want to look at this:




It's for that Earthmate usb gps unit.  Basically it takes the data from the
usb port it's plugged into and makes it show up as a gps hooked up to a
regular serial port.  Also looks like it lets you send it to up to 3
different ports.  So in theory, you could have it plugged into the usb port,
set this program to emulate on ports, say, 3 and 4, and then run Street
Atlas and winAPRS (or whatever) at the same time.  You would just tell them
to look for the gps on different serial ports.  But it let's you run both
programs at once and gets past the problem of having only serial port so
that can be hooked to the TNC.



This is FANTASTIC news!!!!  I have the Delorme Earthmate USB GPS.  I just
downloaded the emulator program referenced above and IT WORKS!!!!!  At least
it seems to work.  I opened Delorme Street Atlas 2005 and, following the
instructions in the installation of the emulator, set SA to port 2.  I then
opened both WinAPRS and set the gps setting to another port and my position
was showing up on both programs at the same time.  I happen to be away from
home right now, in Euless, Texas. Home QTH is in the Orlando, FL area.  I
then closed WinAPRS and opened UI View and set it up for gps and I showed up
in the right place there too!


I'll do some more testing later this week when I'm back in Florida and have
my radio/tnc with me.  But, as of right now, it looks like it will work.


Thanks Nick for the info.


Keith, KF4BXT (Dad to Nick)

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