[aprssig] DAYTON or other Event planning

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Mon May 23 17:48:12 EDT 2005

Here is how things like Dayton should be done:

1)  Support users as-is.  Its impossible to get everyone
     to change just for an event.
2) Set up a local IGate within RF range of the event
3) Set up an alt-input digi from 144.99 to 144.39
4) Set up ALL digis that can hear the event direct
    to digi ONLY once.  That is:
    - Set UIFLOOD and UITRACE OFF (no WIDEn-N)
    - Set UIDIGI or ALIAS list to WIDE1-1,WIDE2-2,WIDE3-3

Thats all there is to it.  The advantages of this approach are

1) You don't have to train/educate anyone to do it a new way.
2) Only the local DIGI sysop has to do anything.
3) One D700 mobile provides the alt-input on 144.99
4) One person provides an IGate.

This arrangement can support over 160 users at the
event without too much overload.  If you can get more
sysops involved then you go out to the next tier of digis
and make sure that they support no more than 2
hops.  Notice that the closest digis to the event will
not repeat ANYTHING coming in from surrounding digis
because they only support one hops...

This is the advantage of the New-N paradigm.  By 
greatly simplifying APRS PATHS and alowing for simple
settings of UIDIGI, UIFLOOD and UITRACE, the
local sysops can change the network on the fly to
match the event.  Then easily return to normal the
next day.  And USERS dont have to do anything...

Good APRS requires good planning like any other
comms event...

de Wb4APR

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