[aprssig] findU and RSS

Henk de Groot henk.de.groot at hetnet.nl
Mon May 23 16:23:19 EDT 2005

Keith - VE7GDH schreef:
> Sorry - should have mentioned for Windows XP. I'll look for a
 > browser-integrated RSS reader. Looking forward to seeing the
 > implementation at
 > feed://rss.findu.com/warn.cgi?call=callsign&max=1500 and whatever
 > else you come up with!

FireFox seems to know about RSS feeds, but even better for this is Mozilla 
Thunderbird. The only gotcha is that the "feed:" protocol is not 
recognized. For messages I used:


That seems to work, in any case I've got all messages adressed to me that way.

Another advantage of Thunderbird is that it completely replaces OutLook 
Express and also is an excellent news reader. I use it for all my email 
now (as replacement for Eudora, I haven't touched OutLook Express in a 
long, long time...).

Thunderbird can be downloaded from: <http://www.mozilla.org/> the same 
site as where you can get FireFox.

Kind regards,


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