[aprssig] APRServe??

Bill Vodall wa7nwp at jnos.org
Mon May 23 14:22:29 EDT 2005

> > As I stated in my previous post, you can set a filter on port 14580 by
> > sending an APRS message to SERVER with the filter text defined:
> > VE4GN>APRS,TCPIP*::SERVER   :filter m/200
> > You might be able to set a filter automatically in WinAPRS, but someone
> > else will have to answer this as I do not have WinAPRS.
> If someone could send me the format, I could easily generate an
> up-to-date file with all the Tier 2 server's 14580 ports for
> download into WinAPRS (I don't have it either).

Why not just use  "rotate.aprs.net"  and "rotate.aprs2.net"?   Those
two virtual servers will rotate though all available servers on either
the aprs.net or aprs2.net systems.   Let the computers and the technology
do the hard work...

Bill - WA7NWP

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