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Digi-Key and Mouser should both have all of those parts.  I can suggest some
part numbers for the 9-pin connectors and backshells.  I carry those on my
own site as well:  http://n1vg.net/opentracker/purchase.php
The backshells come with all the hardware.  For the side connecting to the
GPS cable, you might want connectors with integrated clinch nuts.  Digi-Key
carries a couple thousand d-sub connectors and they've got the best
parametric search around.
Let me know if you find any good homebrew techniques for overmolding.  I've
done some stuff with hot melt glue when necessary, but that's about it.  I
need some custom molding myself - I've got to make cables for Motorola
handhelds, and the spacing between the 2.5 and 3.5 mm plugs is too small for
separate connectors.  Mouser sells plugs designed for overmolding, but aside
from investing some serious money in tooling and injection molding, I don't
know how you'd use them.


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I'm working on portable trackers and need 25 to 9 pin null modems.  I can
use port adapters and null modems or hack serial cables and rewire but I
really want to minimize what's sticking out the back of the TNC.


What I'm looking for are sources for the components to roll my own.  I need
25 to 9 pin shells along with the screws and nuts to secure the adapter to
the tnc and gps cable.  I'm assuming that any of the male 25 or 9 pin solder
or crimp connectors fit the housings/shells.


Does anyone here have any experience with any sources for such animals?


Also, on a similar "roll my own" note, I'm interested in making my own
molded connectors or wye arrangements.  For instance, when making a radio to
tnc cable for an HT that has a mini and sub-mini audio connector, I'd like
to mold a housing to hold the two together and give some better strain


Anyone with experience/pointers for the homebrewer in molding and potting
electronics?  I'd like info on supplies necessary and technique.


Keith, KF4BXT

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