[aprssig] Dayton meltdown.

Wes Johnston aprs at kd4rdb.com
Mon May 23 07:10:56 EDT 2005

I ran my tiny trak with a 2m 340mW radio and never ever got in with a
path of W2-2.  I even increased teh power to 5w and still didn't get
in.  Next day I changed the path to RELAY,W2-1, and got in, presumably
because there was a kenwood mobile on site in the parking lot that was
RELAY.  I am really surprized that no one in Dayton supported W1-1. 

Also, there was no support for alt input digi.... that would have been a
simple one too!!  Use alt input digi input on 144.99 and relay packets
to some 70cm frequency directly to some IGATE's house.  Something like
that would have provided my wife the ability to track me successfully
back home.

I think my aloha circle was something like 350 feet.  It was difficult
to explain to wifey how come at the biggest ham event in the world she
could not track me.

Also, has anyone in dayton ever considered a GPS repeater in each hall? 


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