[aprssig] Digis in Central Ohio?

Robbie - WA9INF mwrobertson at comcast.net
Sun May 22 23:31:50 EDT 2005

Bob and all,

I set up one of my machines to use a filter port and used the "Friend" 
filter for three stations that travel with APRS to Dayton, and a radius 
of 20 miles from each of them..

On the morning of the opening, there were over 130 APRS 
stations/trackers within 30 miles or so of the Hamvention. 20 or so was 
on the grounds at one time or another.. I didn't stay glued to the 
computer, but a couple times it hiccuped and reset itself, (piece of 
junk!), :-( and lost a couple hours of logging.

It would be very interesting to learn just how many actually were there 
with APRS trackers.. I have no way of knowing how many stations did not 
get into the log, but will state that it looked pretty good.. That many 
aprs station piled into such a small area, yet it looked like they all 
made it..

It was an impressive showing either way!


Robert Bruninga wrote:
>>>>rrochte at gpacademy.org 05/22/05 12:11 PM >>>
>>Are there no digis in central Ohio?... from my
>>balloon last night...hovering over central Ohio...
>>Is there a giant APRS hole in Ohio or is there 
>>some other explanation...
> Of all the days in the year, this weekend is APRS
> meltdown in Central Ohio as something like 20,000
> HAMS go mobile to Dayton for the annual Hamvention.
> Even back in 1996 we would see over 100 APRS mobiles
> converging.  That number has only increased sinec then,
> If Ohio has not implemented the New-N Paradigm and
> especially for this weekend to limit hops and dupes
> from this total overload, then what you are seeing
> is the result.  Total saturation of every digi within
> probably 3hops of dayton going out in all directions.
> And during travel time to and from, going out over
> the entire central USA as these thousands hit the
> road. 
> Again, my recommendations for the Central Ohio
> folks for Dayton weekend were to:
> 1) Cut all digis in and aorund Dayton to implement
> a 1 hop limit on all packets
> 2) Cut all surrounding digis within 200 miles to 2 hops
> 3) Eliminate RELAY and WIDE completely.
> This would have left a network that wouild have 
> still let EVEYRONE see everyone around them
> out one digi, the same distance that they can
> talk to them on VHF.  And it would have left
> the channel muuch more lightly loaded so even
> the small guys could be heard.
> The 144.39 in and around Dayton COULD handle
> well over 100 users if this simple approach were taken.
> At least with the New-N Paradigm, we now have the
> tools to implement this anywhere at any time
> using existing digis!  
> de Wb4APR, Bob

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