[aprssig] Digis in Central Ohio?

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Sun May 22 23:01:58 EDT 2005

>>> rrochte at gpacademy.org 05/22/05 12:11 PM >>>
>Are there no digis in central Ohio?... from my
>balloon last night...hovering over central Ohio...
>Is there a giant APRS hole in Ohio or is there 
>some other explanation...

Of all the days in the year, this weekend is APRS
meltdown in Central Ohio as something like 20,000
HAMS go mobile to Dayton for the annual Hamvention.
Even back in 1996 we would see over 100 APRS mobiles
converging.  That number has only increased sinec then,
If Ohio has not implemented the New-N Paradigm and
especially for this weekend to limit hops and dupes
from this total overload, then what you are seeing
is the result.  Total saturation of every digi within
probably 3hops of dayton going out in all directions.

And during travel time to and from, going out over
the entire central USA as these thousands hit the

Again, my recommendations for the Central Ohio
folks for Dayton weekend were to:
1) Cut all digis in and aorund Dayton to implement
a 1 hop limit on all packets
2) Cut all surrounding digis within 200 miles to 2 hops
3) Eliminate RELAY and WIDE completely.

This would have left a network that wouild have 
still let EVEYRONE see everyone around them
out one digi, the same distance that they can
talk to them on VHF.  And it would have left
the channel muuch more lightly loaded so even
the small guys could be heard.

The 144.39 in and around Dayton COULD handle
well over 100 users if this simple approach were taken.
At least with the New-N Paradigm, we now have the
tools to implement this anywhere at any time
using existing digis!  

de Wb4APR, Bob

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