[aprssig] APRServe??

Glenn Wiebe gswiebe at mb.sympatico.ca
Sun May 22 12:53:16 EDT 2005

Hello all:

In spite many years of APRS (starting with early DOS), I have rarely make use of 
the internet features such as APRServe, Findu, etc. functions. Now that I would 
like to I'm not having much success. BTW, I'm using WinAPRS, a Kam and a DSL 
internet service. I have read "Using APRServe with WinAPRS" authored By N5KOA & 
modified by K4HG.

In the WinAPRS folder is a file named aprsxtra.txt which contains the names and 
addresses of many servers (I hope I have the terminology correct). The only one 
that works for me is:
  "second.aprs.net 10151   APRServe Network - backkup".
A sample of others that don't work - "TNC Open failed" shows up near the bottom 
of the screen - are:
www.aprs.net    10151   APRServe Network - Southern Florida
www.fortgirlfriend.com  14501   Tim's Seattle Feed   10151   Sydney mainport    23      Calgary APRS server ( WinAPRS)    10151   Canaprs.net mainport
There are many others. If I use "Settings>TCP/IP connections>Show TCP status 
list" when attempting connections, some will show up as "Open>Yes" but stll come 
up with "TNC Open failed" down below. I sure could use some help on this, 
perhaps a link to some detailed instructions and a list of working servers.

73 de Glenn...VE4GN

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