[aprssig] DIGI_NED on a WRT54GS Wireless LAN modem

Rich Garcia k4gps at arrl.net
Tue May 17 17:01:46 EDT 2005

Henk thank you SO MUCH for this interesting piece of information. It may
even be enough to make me
active again in the hobby. Everything has been somewhat stagnant for the
past few years, hopefully
this will get everyone's creative juices flowing again!

Currently living in flat country (South Florida) WiFi has limited
applications but I am currently
looking to relocate if the right location appears with an opening within my
company. Maybe some
WiFi play will be well worth it for future use.


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Hello all,

At the "21. Internationale Packet-Radio Tagung", which was held on the 2nd
of April 2005 in Darmstadt, Germany, Jann Traschewski, DG8NGN, and Thomas
Osterried, DL9SAU, showed a WRT54GS LinkSys WLAN modem running several HAM
programs, among which DIGI_NED. These modems run Linux on an MIPS
processor and are available in Europe and the USA for about EUR 75.-- or
$60.-- (yes, as always the USD - Euro exchange rate doesn't seem to apply
to electronics...).

Jann Traschewski, DG8NGN, Ralf Baechle, DL5RB and Thomas Osterried, DL9SAU
crafted a page with the instructions how to get it running. Jann allowed
me to publish the page, it is located at:


The project is currently not progressing because the hams mentioned above
are very busy with non-ham related activities (i.e. QRL). So please don't
expect any support at this time. Still I think the instructions are clear
enough to act as a good starting point to try something like this yourself.

Kind regards,


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