[aprssig] Outta Wack Digipeater

Ron Stordahl ron.stordahl at digikey.com
Tue May 17 13:14:16 EDT 2005

The IGate at KC4LZN and KC4OUA are hearing these direct and IGating 
them. This has nothing to do with UIDIGI, there is no sign in your list 
that any of them have ever been digipeated.

I have done extensive testing of my recommendations and believe they are 
working. I have 9 UIDIGI-ROM digi's within about 200 miles, but I cannot 
reliably hear out to 3 levels of digipeats until late evening. I will do 
futher testing when I am able. However at this point I have a fairly 
high level of confidence in my recommendations at


Ron, N5IN

Ed L. Locklear, KF4CHG wrote:

> I just got off from Findu.com looking at the data from NF4CQ-10 
> (UIDIGI ROM) programmed with the latest information from Ron, N5IN. 
> When low and behold I came across AA4QI-1 digi. Here is what I 
> captured and please tell me nothing is wrong with this picture:
> AA4QI-1>APRS,GATE,WIDE,WIDE,qAo,KC4LZN:=3019.75NT08139.52W#PHG5660 JAX 
> AA4QI-1>APRS,WIDE,qAO,KC4OUA:=3019.75NT08139.52W#PHG5660 JAX DIGI
> AA4QI-1>APRS,WIDE,qAo,KC4LZN:=3019.75NT08139.52W#PHG5660 JAX DIGI
> AA4QI-1>APRS,GATE,WIDE,WIDE,qAO,KC4OUA:=3019.75NT08139.52W#PHG5660 JAX 
> AA4QI-1>APRS,WIDE,qAo,KC4LZN:=3019.75NT08139.52W#PHG5660 JAX DIGI
> AA4QI-1>APRS,TRACE3-3,qAo,KC4LZN:=3019.75NT08139.52W#PHG5660 JAX DIGI
> Ed, KF4CHG
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