[aprssig] Slightly OT - power supply help

Dixon, Tim tdixon at anteon.com
Tue May 17 09:24:29 EDT 2005

Sorry to draw this out any longer.  I apologize for taking this so far
OT from APRS, but I'm without a radio currently while my power supply is
on the fritz, thus, off of APRS as well (at home).  This will be my last
post.  I will take it off this SIG.  Please respond privately, if
possible.  I had already accomplished both of the suggestions below;
that's why I thought to try you all.

The local library's selection is from the 40's - 50's and shows a good
many vacuum tube circuits, which are all fascinating in and of
themselves, mind you, but are difficult, if not expensive, to replicate
today.  I have a copy of the ARRL handbook, which shows a 28v, 30A
linear (if I remember correctly), but I'm no electronics engineer, and
don't know the conversions to change values of discrete components to
achieve 13.8v within that regulator circuit.  I'm staying away from
switchers, for the simple reason that they're slightly more difficult
and expensive to repair, and require specialty parts, unlike a linear.

I'm not offering excuses, merely providing perspective.  I'm sure I'll
find what I'm looking for on google or somewhere else, but it'll take a
bit more research.  Thanks, anyway.


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How about a visit to your local librbary and look for a copy of the ARRL
Handbook.  Lot's of good circuits.

Dixon, Tim wrote:
> Does anyone know of a SIG dedicated to power supply questions, or
> direct me to some good tutorials?  Specifically, I'm looking for a
> schematic for a heavy-duty (25-30amp) regulator circuit.  I need to
> fabricate a new regulator section on a couple of power supplies.
> Thanks for your patience with this on this SIG.  I'm trying to learn
> I can.
> /tim
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