[aprssig] Pre- APRS Field Day objects and FINDU

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Mon May 16 15:22:04 EDT 2005

If you plan on being on APRS on Field Day on
145.01 using the special Field Day path of
TEMPn-N, PLEASE start putting an object
on your map with the FD CALLSIGN on it now.
That way, we can all see what to expect.
See plan below.

Using this pre-Field Day planning tool of LOCAL
FD objects, will let the FINDU symbol.cgi give us a 
view now for planning purposes and let other 
non-sig APRS users see what will happen.  
Here is your OBJECT:

CALL  - Your Field Day Call with SSID of FD
SYMBOL is the Portable, camp or "tent" symbol (;)
Object TEXT should say something like:
  "APRS FD will be 145.01 and TEMPn-N

Also put an object on your map for the
portable TEMPn-N digi you plan to set up
that day.  Also use the same symbol (so
it is easy to search FINDU for both) but use
the text of  "FD digi 145.01 using TEMPn-N."
Keep this going now 'till FIeld Day at say a 
once an hour rate...

To see these on FINDU, use this link:


And even if you wont be participating in a Field Day
event, you can still support them by QSY'ing your
station over to 145.01 to let them digi via your station
that day.  See below for the actual FD plan:

>>> bruninga at usna.edu 4/28/2005 12:22:56 PM >>>
Yes, lets do it right.
For that one day, everyone QSY to 145.01 and lets show
them how we can build a network instantly.  See the


This is not a threat to 145.01.  In most areas even if there
is a BBS there or a DX cluster, or some other service,
at most there might be 3 or 4 FD sites beaconing once
every 10 minutes for a total packet channel load of
about 0.005 which is totally inconsequential...

And for that day, EVERYONE sets their portable
and temporary digipeaters to TEMPn-N and we use
TEMPn-N as our paths!  (or digi by-callsign through
othere stations that you se..)

de WB4APR, Bob

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