[aprssig] Worldwide APRS Digipeater statistics

Henk de Groot henk.de.groot at hetnet.nl
Sat May 14 14:10:37 EDT 2005

Robert Bruninga schreef:
> routing and yet it is still identifiable as a DIGI_NED digi
> because of the APNDxx in its TOCALLs...

Except for users with a stand-alone TH-D7 handheld, they can see the D 
overlay but do not see the TOCALL.

Knowning the digipeater is a DIGI_NED digipeater is important to them, 
since if it is a DIGI_NED digipeater the user may send messages to it 
asking for the local QRG's of voice-relays and users; where to find some 
resources; ask for satellite data etc. All neat stuff if you are mobile in 
an unknown area.

Of course you can always send the query "?type" to find out if the 
digipeater is a DIGI_NED digipeater, but it is not as user friendly as the 
D overlay. Other digipeaters will not respond to the "?type" query so the 
TH-D7 will give additional load in that case as it will retry to deliver 
the message 5 times in that case.

> It is important that all digis use the consistent identification
> of their digi and its capabilities so that users driving anywhere
> can tell what the network is doing whereever they may be.

Exacly, therefore the D overlay since DIGI_NED offers capabilities that 
other digipeaters do not have. By sending a L or S you only tell the user 
a subset of the capabilities.

Kind regards,


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