[aprssig] Variable Replacement Script - A Couple Changes

Brad McConahay brad at n8qq.com
Sat May 14 05:41:51 EDT 2005

"aprsearch.net" is now being used as the domain for the variable replacement
script and the aprsworld-to-xml interface.  All old URLs pointing to
aprs.n8qq.com will still work as they always have, but will now
automatically redirect to aprsearch.net.  This shouldn't break anything
that's currently using these systems.  Now you're not forced to have my
klunky call sign in your url. ;)  So, it now lives at
Also, there's a new alternate way to call the variable replacement script.
Instead of passing the call and url through CGI arguments, they can now be
passed through the path as well, like so...
It's probably illustrated a little better on the site.
Not sure how much that matters (probably not much), but at least the option
is there now.  I personally like this cleaner looking URL better.
Brad N8QQ
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