[aprssig] FW: KPC-3 v8.2 release xxxx-7265 bug confirmed

Herb Gerhardt hgerhardt at wavecable.com
Fri May 13 00:51:39 EDT 2005

FYI for New Paradigm digis using KPC-3 (not the plus) TNC's.  Herb KB7UVC

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Subject: KPC-3 v8.2 release xxxx-7265 bug confirmed

There has been some discussion on the national APRS reflector concerning a
bug in the Kantronics KPC-3 (not Plus) version 8.2, release xxxx-7265 ROM.
The impact affects only those TNCs being used as APRS digipeaters, and the
fix to work with the new paradigm settings is an easy one. I have made the
changes to the web pages, and will upload those shortly. In the meantime,
here's the text about the issue, how it can be spotted, and the fix. Thanks
to James VE7SRV for taking the time to write a good set of instructions:

If you have a KPC-3 v8.2 TNC with release xxxx-7265 or earlier, as many of
you have, you need to set:


You can check the version of TNC firmware by connecting to the TNC, and
issuing the command: Version

The TNC will respond with something like this:



XXXX-XXXX7265 v8.2

is the important part to check. Any version of 8.2 prior to and including
7265 exhibit this bug.

These versions of firmware have a small bug in the UITRACE routine that can
be overcome by changing the UIDIGI setting.

The bug causes the TNC to insert it's callsign has-been-digipeated bit set
on the name of the digipeater instead of on the used up WIDE1 path.

You can find evidence of the bug when monitoring the RF stream

Incorrect behavior looks like this: KOPEAK*,WIDE1,WIDE2-2
Proper behavior looks like this: KOPEAK,WIDE1*,WIDE2-2

This bug does not appear in any version of the KPC-3+ firmware.

If you have a KPC-3 v8.2, it is likely a xxxx-7265 release. If you have
already upgraded your WIDEn-N TNC to the new settings, you just need to go
back and change UIDIGI ON WIDE1-1,WIDE4-4,WIDE5-5,WIDE6-6.

If you have a KPC-3Plus v8.3 or newer, stick with the changes you got off
the web site.

Sorry for the extra work folks. This bug has been known for awhile, but it
was our own experimentation that determined the bug also affected the
release 7265 chips.

You can all subtract an inconvenience fee from your annual membership dues
and we'll call it even.

Dave K7GPS

David Dobbins
Medical Lake, WA
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