[aprssig] Help explaining packets

David L. Martin dlmarti at kc2lcf.net
Wed May 11 11:26:09 EDT 2005

> Hi Ken,
> Can you see if you are hearing W0SNJ (I know he is not on your local
> list)?  If you are, this would answer the question about whether UI-View
> checks for the sending station on RF.  If not, we still won't know for
> sure but it would explain why your station is gating his packets to RF.

No we cannot hear each other.
In anycase my concern was not with his station, I only asked
specifically about his packet because I didn't understand what it was.

My concern was the number of packets that a single message generates.
If my first packet generates ten packets, and the destination then sends
twenty ACK's, and those twenty ACK's generate ten packets each....
The only reason we don't see two hundred ACK's from a single message is
that the system breaks before it gets to that amount.

I'm working on an APRS diagnostic plan now, I'll send it out once complete.
David L. Martin
w0snj at arrl.net

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