[aprssig] Help explaining packets

Keith - VE7GDH ve7gdh at rac.ca
Tue May 10 16:30:05 EDT 2005

Pete AE5PL wrote on 10/05/2005 5:05:53 AM PDT

> What you described is the first criteria that I put forth when I
> described javAPRSIGate.  The problem that was shown in the original post
> is regarding the second criteria: an IGate should not gate a message to
> RF if the _sending_ station has been heard on RF...  In other words, if
> the IGate sees the sending station on RF, it should assume that the
> packets don't need to be gated to the same RF environment for that
> station.  If that criteria is not included in the IGate software, you
> will have the situation described in the original post: 2 stations
> within RF range of each other having message packets duplicated on RF by
> the IGate.

Later updated... > Should have been "third criteria".
although I'm not sure if that was to replace the "first criteria" above or the "second criteria" above - hi! 

So, re...


Was UI-View32 actually gating the station back to RF, or perhaps just digipeating it? If digipeating, perhaps the UI-View32 station needs to adjust the digipeat dupe setting - "dupe seconds" in the digipeater setup. Perhaps examination of the raw data for W0SNJ would determine that. If gating, I agree - it shouldn't be gating something that it already heard direct. I might have been off-track on my first response. I was thinking more of "traffic" (messages, acks) that were directed to a particular station and how UI-View32 determines if the station is "local" or not.

> I was not demeaning UI-View.  It is the IGate in question in the
> original post and apparently does not use that criteria in its
> gate-to-RF algorithm.  That's all.

No problem - I didn't intentionally mean to infer that your comment was demeaning!

73 es cul - Keith VE7GDH
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