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Tue May 10 08:05:53 EDT 2005

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> Pete AE5PL wrote on 10/05/2005 4:10:53 AM PDT
> > ... IGate implementations vary all over the place.  In this 
> instance, 
> > the IGate is UI-View (APU25N) which _apparently_ is gating to RF 
> > regardless of whether it hears the sending station on RF.
> > As development has ceased on UI-View, this will probably never be 
> > corrected.
> IGate is a few hops away, set it accordingly. Maybe I'm 
> misinterpreting your comment, but I don't think there is 
> anything in UI-View32 to be corrected, but perhaps the 
> UI-View32 station in question needs to adjust their IGate settings.

What you described is the first criteria that I put forth when I
described javAPRSIGate.  The problem that was shown in the original post
is regarding the second criteria: an IGate should not gate a message to
RF if the _sending_ station has been heard on RF...  In other words, if
the IGate sees the sending station on RF, it should assume that the
packets don't need to be gated to the same RF environment for that
station.  If that criteria is not included in the IGate software, you
will have the situation described in the original post: 2 stations
within RF range of each other having message packets duplicated on RF by
the IGate.

I was not demeaning UI-View.  It is the IGate in question in the
original post and apparently does not use that criteria in its
gate-to-RF algorithm.  That's all.


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