[aprssig] Weather Display and Xastir and Linux

Rich Garcia k4gps at arrl.net
Mon May 9 15:05:45 EDT 2005

Couple of years ago or so when I was using Xastir I had requested the
possiblity of making use of the WXNOW.TXT file but that was a no go. Then
Weather Display came out for Linux and I tried that, it was REALLY rough and
had all sorts of problems so I dumped it and went back to a decicated
Windows box
with both UI-View and WD together. I am sure that WD for Linux got better,
it would be great if Brian and the Xastir team could chat and implement the
network WX features so that the two could play nice. I just could not be a
beta tester for the web page features since people were using my WD web page
all over the community. Now that it has died out due to storm damage and I
have since made repairs it may be time to start testing again.

I may even go back to Linux if that were the case..I just got too burnt out
trying to learn how to make everything work well and finding other things
that would NEVER work. Maybe sometime soon will be the right time to load up
Fedora or try Debian.


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On Mon, 9 May 2005, Curt, WE7U wrote:

> On Sun, 8 May 2005, Cap Pennell wrote:
> > With my MS Windows use of WeatherDisplay and APRS, to obtain new data
> > the weather station I use the WXNOW.TXT file that WeatherDisplay can
> > be configured to routinely produce.  APRS (UI-View32 and APRS+SA and
> > WinAPRS) just uses that frequently updated text file.
> > Les, I don't know if this would help in your situation.  It may be
> > different without MS Windows.  hi hi  I don't know whether XASTIR can
> > data from the WXNOW.TXT file.
> Nope.

I wasn't aware that Weather Display was available for Linux until
just now.  Even so, they support only Windows and Linux at present,
not other Unixes or MacOSX.  Until they do, it probably won't be
worth our effort to write parsing code for it.

If any Xastir user thinks it important enough and writes/submits
patches for this, we'll gladly accept them!  Quite a few new
features have been added due to user support, and we appreciate it.

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