[aprssig] Worldwide APRS Digipeater statistics

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Sat May 7 19:41:52 EDT 2005

You just answered it yourself.
The paramaters to make it support the New N paradigm need
updating.  Maybe you are confusing terms.  When I say "updating"
I am talking about the local SYSOP updating his settings
to make it New-N-Paradigm.  You dont need to download
any new code...   de Wb4APR
>>> Matt Werner <kb0kqa at gmail.com> 05/07/05 11:18 AM >>>
Bob, the question wasn't what's wrong with the old paradigm, it was
what in Digi_NED needs updating.  My understanding of Digi_NED is that
the software will already support the new paradigm, so I'm curious
too...What in Digi_NED needs updating?

On 5/7/05, Robert Bruninga <bruninga at usna.edu> wrote:
> >>> schiers at netins.net 05/06/05 10:28 PM >>>
> >What in Digi_NED needs updating?
> The New-N-Paradigm encompases a lot of changes
> but most may not be noticible to users, but do
> improve the newtwork.  Here is a summary of those
> changes:
> 1) Beacon rates and hops are reduced, but increased
>     locally using a smart algorithm
> 2) Wasteful HID packets are turned OFF
> 3) Each digi's position text explicitly tells the user what
>     paths it supports under the New N paradigm:  W3,SSn etc
> 4) The digi uses a NEW overlay showing it is improved New-N
> 5) Obsolete paths are eliminated or discouraged
> 6) SSn State or Section routing is added

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