[aprssig] Worldwide APRS Digipeater statistics

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Sat May 7 08:33:56 EDT 2005

>>> schiers at netins.net 05/06/05 10:28 PM >>>
>What in Digi_NED needs updating?

The New-N-Paradigm encompases a lot of changes 
but most may not be noticible to users, but do 
improve the newtwork.  Here is a summary of those

1) Beacon rates and hops are reduced, but increased
    locally using a smart algorithm

2) Wasteful HID packets are turned OFF

3) Each digi's position text explicitly tells the user what
    paths it supports under the New N paradigm:  W3,SSn etc

4) The digi uses a NEW overlay showing it is improved New-N

5) Obsolete paths are eliminated or discouraged

6) SSn State or Section routing is added

>Also, defining the digi capabilities by Icon is probably 
>very misleading. I know it is in my case. I'm still using 
>the standard D in digi_ned, 

Yes, and that is also one of the things that is supposed
to be "uprgaded" so that users CAN know what the
digi is set up to do.  Your digi should now have the S
or L overlay depending on whether it supports the SSn
routing and yet it is still identifiable as a DIGI_NED digi
because of the APNDxx in its TOCALLs...

It is important that all digis use the consistent identification
of their digi and its capabilities so that users driving anywhere
can tell what the network is doing whereever they may be.
My "fix14439.html" web page shows the connsistent way
of identifying these capabilities...


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