[aprssig] User created findU pages

Brad McConahay brad at n8qq.com
Thu May 5 23:01:26 EDT 2005

Yeah, the original announcement and some misc notes are in the sig message


> So any examples of people using this yet?

No takers yet that I've seen in the logs.  One of the guys who is in contact
with me regrading the xml interface indicated that it could replace what he
was trying to do with the xml, but he hasn't had a chance to mess with it
yet, I don't believe.

Brad N8QQ 

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On May 5, 2005, at 10:26 PM, Brad McConahay wrote:

> Unless I'm missing something, I thought that's what I created last  
> month...
> http://aprs.n8qq.com/replace

I do not know why, but I never got notification you had implemented  
this, was it a sig message? I searched my email arcives and have no  
mention of a working system, the message from you were theoretical.  
We had the discussion of the variable syntax, and the thread just  
ended and I never heard more. There have been some issues with TAPR  
moving servers, it may have gotten lost in there.
> Or do you really hate the long variable/functions that much?  :)

I do, but I'm a big believer in he who codes, rules!

So any examples of people using this yet?

Steve K4HG

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