[aprssig] User created findU pages

Brad McConahay brad at n8qq.com
Thu May 5 22:26:17 EDT 2005

Unless I'm missing something, I thought that's what I created last month...


Or do you really hate the long variable/functions that much?  :)

Brad N8QQ

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Subject: [aprssig] User created findU pages

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     Subject:     User created findU web pages
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On Apr 23, 2005, at 11:03 AM, Steve Dimse wrote:

> This would be a nice project for someone else to do, let the user  
> specify a url in the page request, the server grabs the user's page  
> from his own web space (everyone can get web space somewhere) and  
> replaces any variables using Brad's XML service.

Here is a proof of concept. First, at this URL


I have this file:

This is a test of the replace cgi...
The speed of $call is $speed!


I placed this on a different virtual server than findU.com to  
emphasize this file is to reside on the user's server, not one of  
mine. When you pass a callsign and the URL to the replace cgi like this:


You get output that looks like this:

This is a test of the replace cgi...
The speed of K4HG-8 is 56.0!

Right now these are the only two variables this supports. I'll  
consider developing this further if there is interest, but really,  
this is something I'd much rather see someone else do...

So any interest from users or programmers?

Steve K4HG

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