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Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Thu May 5 19:29:42 EDT 2005

I would modify this receommendation:
>>> "Ron Cluster" <rcluster at rgisp.com> 
>WIDE1-1,WIDE2-2 is a 3 hop path
>WIDE1-1,WIDE2-1 is a 2 hop path... for mobiles
>WIDE2-2 is a 2 hop path ... for home stations

Here is where it stands now:
WIDE1-1,WIDE2-2 is a 3 hop path
WIDE1-1,WIDE2-1 is a 2 hop path... 
  These are only receommended for mobiles iin areas 
  where FILL-IN digis are used, where those fill-in digis
  have converted over to support WIDE1-1 and where
  there are no KPC-3 Version 8.2 ROMS nor UIDIGI rom
  based digis
WIDE2-2 is a 2 hop path ... which is recommended for
  ALL stations (fixed and mobile) in the high density areas 
  shown on:


Rural areas far from these high density areas and without
lots of IGates may use WIDE3-3, etc...

de Wb4APR, Bob

IF YOU ARE RUNNING UI-View32 you MUST precede ANY path with APRS,

I don't know about the other APRS programs but UI-View32 allows you to
something else there for special purposes. If you don't start your path
UI-View32 with APRS you probably won't get decoded (or possibly digi'd
either) by other stations.

See www.nwaprs.org for more explanation of the new settings.

73.....Ron.....AC7TK.....(-9 when mobile)
UI-View32 iGate in Eugene, OR

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This question will demonstrate my lack of knowledge, but I know I need
education.  I am a user of APRS and don't run a digipeater.  I have a
Kenwood D700 and GPS in my car and have successfully used the path
RELAY,WIDE2-2.  I got an APRS message suggesting RELAY was obsolete, so
searched the archives of this list.  Here is what (I think) I learned:

 * In densely populated areas (I think my area qualifies), RELAY and
and anything greater than WIDE2-2, are not recommended
 * There's been some discussion about just what is recommended.  One
recommendation, as I recall, was WIDE1-1,WIDE2-1
 * I thought I saw another recommendation of APRS,WIDE2-2

In addition to getting the APRS message, it seemed to me that the
digipeater in my area, W6CX-3, was no longer reliably digipeating me.
digipeaters in the area did.  I wasn't sure if W6CX-3 had changed its
recently, or if another one had popped up and was causing collisions,
what.  But I decided to change my path to see what would happen.

Here's where I'm going to show my ignorance.  I changed the path to
WIDE2-2.  Not only would the local digipeater not repeat me, but when
drove close to other digipeaters that repeated me with my old path,
stopped repeating me with the new path.

So I changed it to WIDE1-1,WIDE2-2.  Now it looks like all digipeaters
hear me, including W6CX-3, will now repeat my location.

My dumb question:  is WIDE1-1,WIDE2-2 an OK path, and if not, what do
experts recommend for my relatively densely populated location?

  Jim - K0ZXU

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