Bad APRS citizens (was Re: [aprssig] Tiny Tracker?)

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I can't speak to other IGate  packages, but UI-View doesn't have much of a
capability other than excluding callsigns entirely. In our area though,
there are a bunch of IGates set up, many of them not routinely

As I see it, there'd be two goals to "trapping" the bad APRS citizens. One
is to prevent (or minimize) RF propogation (eg. If you use RELAY nobody will
digi you); and the other to prevent APRS-IS propgation (eg. You won't be
seen on FindU).

In theory, eventually these people would notice that their beacons aren't
getting anywhere, and eventually start to ask questions.

In this area, a couple of us did the Bulletin thing several times. This had
a good amount of effect, but there are still a large number of users without
any messaging capabilities (eg. Only the Kenwood-equipped mobiles can get
messages AFAIK).

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Well, this brings up a sore point. How to handle folks that "don't
have"/"won't get" a clue.

There's not much that can be done to keep them from consuming local RF
bandwidth from their direct packets, but the local community could easily
"black list" the station, or otherwise control the digipeating of the
station. Igates could do the same thing. I'm guessing that a typical Igate
is a full functioning PC, and hence could do any level of dup checking, for
arbitrary lengths of time.

 - jim

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