[aprssig] Tiny Tracker?

Wes Johnston aprs at kd4rdb.com
Tue Aug 30 14:11:25 EDT 2005

Why would it be less than ideal for a balloon?  I'm assuming you mean
when the balloon is on the ground and the ground crew is driving towards
it.  It would still be permitted to propagate a packet outward every 10
minutes.  As the search crew got close, they'd hear the balloon simplex
as often as you'd programmed it to transmit.

And as long as your balloon was moving, it would be generating *unique*
packets.  And a unique packet would not be trapped by the proposed dupe
filter.  So as long as the position is changing, each packet you send
would get digipeated.

Of course my figure of 10 minutes was based on a desire to have a 10
minute network activity timer.... the 10 minute interval probably should
be just under 10 minutes, say 9.5, but in the end, should be able to be
set by the digiowner.

Ohh, and in addition to messages being able to bypass the filter,
objects would need to be permitted to bypass the filtering as well.

Am I missing something?  I'm just trying to come up with a way to have
the network protect itself from static 60 second beacons from parked cars.


Rochte, Robert wrote:

>>What would be ideal would be to have a digi that was smart enough to
>>filter out redundant position reports from the same station if 
>>sent more
>>than once every 10 minutes, but yet allow retries on message packets? 
>>Such a digipeater would be more inline with a "switch" than a repeater.
>Sounds like it would be less-than-ideal for one of my balloons and perhaps
>other applications as well...
>73, Robert KC8UCH
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