[aprssig] Tiny Tracker?

Wes Johnston aprs at kd4rdb.com
Tue Aug 30 13:58:02 EDT 2005

This is the sort of thing I brought up last week... wouldn't it be nice
if the first digi in the line was smart enough to figure out that this
guy had sent the same position over and over and over, and auto-bud list
him?  Well, not exactly budlist... rather filter his packets.  After
all, sending the same position over and over will always yeild the same
checksum on the packet and the standard dupe checker could filter him,
but it'd catch any repeating message packets too. 

What would be ideal would be to have a digi that was smart enough to
filter out redundant position reports from the same station if sent more
than once every 10 minutes, but yet allow retries on message packets? 
Such a digipeater would be more inline with a "switch" than a repeater.


Robert Bruninga wrote:

>We have a Tiny Tracker APT311 that has been
>generateing over 450 packets per hour for the
>last 24 hours (or more, I just noticed it last
>His main settings appear to be:
>1) a 30 second rate
>2) both a posit AND separate STATUS packet every time
>3) a WIDE2-2 path.
>I am emailing him to suggest what he can do to
>reduce his load on the network, but I want to make
>sure that in fact he can make these changes on
>this particular hardware.  
>1) put his comment text in his posit.  Turn off STATUS
>2) OR set a Status rate that is 10% of
>    his posit rate.
>3) Reduce his rate to 2 minutes routine.
>4) Do smart beaconing or change rates
>    while parked, or turn it off when not
>   moving...
>5) Change to WIDE1-1 if he needs the
>   higher rates for some reason...
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