Emergency comms. Was RE: [aprssig] Igates Are A Fair WeatherSolution (was: "Finito")

Dave Baxter dave at emv.co.uk
Tue Aug 30 12:01:17 EDT 2005

As I said, it's down to training and procedure amongst other things,

If you want funny phonetics, search and find what we (the Brits) used to
use during WW2!

OK on the D cell's.  Over hear, it seems at times the world runs on

However, I was thinking more of when having to use a shared supply, such
as a vehicle battery with all the other systems that often take chunks
out of the supply, or a poorly regulated gen-set with a linear regulated
PSU for example, or same sort of setup (PSU) but on the end of a long
power feed during a storm period.  We often get 50% brownouts where I
live, during a good blow. It's as amazing what actualy survives the dip
(TV, PC, old digi clock etc) as much as what fails. (Network switch,
mobile phone chargers!)

Dave B.  G0WBX.

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> HI,
> I spent many hours working Army MARS during the early Gulf 
> War.  I participated in SATERN during 9/11.
> Knowing when to remain silent is one of the most important 
> skills a person can have.  
> About serving brownouts.  If the power is kept low level the 
> radio and tnc can operate for extended periods on eight D 
> cells.  But it takes cooperation.
> The troubles with SSB communications when the signal to noise 
> radio is high is the "I Spell" and the homebrew phonetics 
> people use.  I recall hearing one operator using "Dirty Hound 
> Dog" for DHD.  Cute, but no body knew what it meant.  
> With CW it's spelled in the process.  Fills are seldom required.
> Google the phrase Phillips Code and you'll see how the wire 
> services used to communicate.
> Best regards,
> ScottnBarb
> Lost in Texas

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